Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter and my SCP Hallow

Harry Potter began its final retail journey as the clock struck midnight with the excitement and rush to be the first to receive the final chapter of Harry Potter saga went skyrocketing. Live from the Cornmarket Street in Oxford, UK I saw kids, teens, adults all standing outside the book stores to buy the much awaited book. I cannot express in words the vibe and excitement of all those successful people coming out of the stores with Harry Potter book in an orange paper bag in their hands. Kids crying, embracing their friends, shouting loud in praise of Harry and what not... And it will continue throughout the night as there were more than 2000 people on that street. I am expecting my copy to be delivered by Monday morning and then hope to read it on my way to Portland, USA.

I sincerely apologize for being dormant for almost a month. Well, these past 4 weeks have been one of the most hectic of my life and I will try to summarize them all in one single post.

Week - 9: The preparation week went into a little bit of procrastination before I began my final battle towards the two formal assignments submission and one written exam of Restructuring & Implementation. As in earlier weeks I had written about the assignment of Branding & Communication, so most of the week went by in putting up this paper. A quick brief, we had to develop a branding plan to uplift a brand that was losing its identity in the market or was a new brand launched. This need to be done from the understanding of cultural myth and the populist world about which most of the incoming SBS students will study in their Trinity term, given they take the B&C elective, which to me proved to be a very interesting subject though the assignment was laborious. Three to Four interviews were done and then a whole report of more than 9000 word was written including appendix to pen down my understandings of the brand chosen and how it can return to the market with a bang. Other than that the festivities had begun as many students who were done with all their papers planned to leave for home or on fun trip to return only at the end of August month for electives and course completion.

Week - 10: I had only one exam in 'Restructuring & Implementation' on Wednesday and had to prepare all night long to be in shape for the paper as the B&C paper continued to kill me, though figuratively only. The paper went well and after that we all headed to the 'drain yourself in drinks after last exam pub' at Turf Tavern at almost around noon. Well, it was the final written assessment for me in the Exam school and I sincerely pray that I never ever have to return back there in my subfusc. Remaining of the week, I was tied up with the Retailing paper in which I had to write a business plan of setting up a retail store anywhere in the world with the place ranging from New York, London, New Delhi to Timbuktu and stores from Swarovski Crystals to Lingerie wears to I don't remember what else. In the end almost around midnight on Sunday, July 1 I was very satisfied with what I had written and hope to get decent to good marks in it.

Week - 11/Week - 0 (Summers): Summer is here though it doesn't feel like with temperatures still not crossing 65 F. We can call it week 11 for Trinity or Week 0 for the summers while my SCP team continued its struggle for the US visas amidst welcoming our esteemed Intel manager Shauna from Portland, OR in the USA. The first day went into getting to know each other and giving Shauna a guided tour of Oxford as she tried to catch up on her jet lag. The next day was an intense discussion about the project scope, its objectives, the background of the need for this project and many other related things. I apologize but due to a non-disclosure agreement, I cannot discuss the details of the project though I can say that it is way too different from the default image of Intel of being a chip and microprocessor manufacturer. And yes, we moved a step closer towards getting our US visa problems sorted out.

Week - 1 (Summers): The SCP research began with a bang as the papers were sorted and filed to be in place for the US visa appointment and finally on July 12th, we all did successfully get our respective visa. A relief to the biggest y with respect to being able to physically present while making final presentation to the executive committee of Intel. As the SCP went on, I took some time out and went with Puneet, Anubhav and his wife Tulika to a nearby city called Bath Spa. Interesting name and it has the "Roman Baths", where Romans indeed went in for a bath. The city is beautiful in its own style with Roman architecture and fashion museum covering the British fashion from 18th century onwards. A tiring but an interesting trips walking the pavements that Romans did walk centuries ago.

Week - 2: This week went into watching movies, which primarily began with "Harry Potters and the Order of the Phoenix", continued to "Die Hard - 4.0" and ended with "Ocean's Thirteen". Potter was the usual dose of witchcraft and wizardry in Hogwart, whereas Die Hard became more high tech and Ocean's army returned to take revenge for their mate Reuben Tishkoff. For me, the order of liking remained the same as above. Sampath and I also visited Intel office here in UK to get enrolled into their system and get our travel plans sorted out for our Intel, USA office travel. We also celebrated the birthday of our friend Deb at the Rewley Abbey Court housing facility as I mark the end of the day with a visit to the Cornmarket Street to experience Potter Mania.

Recently have been in touch with few incoming students, who are trying to get the pieces in place with respect to their admissions, fee and travel arrangements. I would say here that please do not hesitate in coming back to me with your queries with regards to SBS & Oxford and I will try to be of as much help as I can.

My next post will be most probably US as I will fly to Portland on Wednesday sometime thought I am still waiting for my tickets but they will definitely be for Wednesday. Wish me luck guys...!!!

Good Night and Good Luck!!!


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